Katherine Sirois

Katherine Sirois is a young 16 year old student from the region of Montreal, Quebec. She has participated in science fairs for four years now, but has been visiting them since she was little. “For as long as I remember, my father would make me visit science fairs and I would absolutely love it!” Her father, who is an electrical engineer brought her to every science fair of her region, and the regions near by and that is what planted the scientific seed inside her.
Now she follows in her fathers footsteps, trying to find solutions to health problems with modern day technologies. This year, her project “Coup de coeur: Garde le rythme” (To stay on beat) was a huge success. After winning her regional fair, she went on to win a gold medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. The project consists of an algorithm that will filter and analyse a heart signal provided by the ECG she built in order to determine and hopefully diagnose atrial fibrillation (A.Fib.). She then tested her algorithm on patients and the results was what she hoped for, it detected a significant amount more heartbeats that were A.Fib.-like than on a normal heart.
Although that was not her first year at the Canada-Wide. Last year she was awarded a silver medal for the project “Pour faire chuter les chutes” (To lower the amount of falls in the elderly).
Her hard work and determination, combined with her numerous extracurricular activities (ringuette team, flag football team, trombonist in the school orchestra, and lifeguarding) has earned her a place in the Shad Valley program this summer. Shad Valley is a month long enrichment program.
To see Katherine’s latest Canada-Wide Science Fair Project, click on the link below:

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