Edward Li

Edward Li is a grade 10 Pre-IB student from Bayview Secondary School in Markham, Ontario. He is an executive of his school’s science club, he’s attended a class about bio-inspired nanomaterials over the summer, he edits an online blog about fundamental science at http://photonsandprotons.wordpress.com/, and he won a silver medal at the Canada-Wide Science Fair this year. That’s what he wants to talk about.

“I think there are misconceptions about science. It’s neither a compilation of facts nor a philosophy to live by.  It’s a process whereby you are inspired by the unknown, you solve problems that matter, and you make friends for a lifetime.

You’ve probably seen posts about young people doing cancer research, finding new properties of fundamental physics, and testing methods to create energy from new biofuels. But the last thing you want to regret that you don’t have the capacity to do the same.

In fact, every science project ultimately starts with a silly idea, which develops into questions, calls for answers, and demands further exploration. The experience is extraordinary, especially when you get to meet fellow crazy people at regional fairs, national competitions, and even international venues such as Intel ISEF. Get involved in STEM; you definitely won’t regret it.”

The pretty proton:http://photonsandprotons.wordpress.com

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