Elisabeth Lamoureux

Elisabeth Lamoureux is a 9 grade student from Sherbrooke, Quebec who loves science! This love of science was instilled in Elisabeth by her mother who is a nurse. In 2013, Elisabeth participated in the Expo-Sciences (Science Fair) and her project focused on helping people with their health/medical problems. Elisabeth’s favourite subject is biology and is very passionate about learning more about the science of the human body, specifically solving health problems. She also loves sports (soccer, ski and diving) and music (guitar and singing), as well as her hobbies when she isn’t studying or searching for a better way to solve health problems.

In 2013, she participated at the Regional Science Fair with a project that she researched and presented about a neurological kids problem. In 2014, for the first time, she brought a study project with her to the Canada-Wide Science-Fair. She talked about the real causes of the atopic dermatitis, what’s happens in the mechanism of the immune system and the treatments.

After learning about her project title, Crème! Que ça pique! (Cream! It itches!), some people inspired her for her future project; so she’s working on a cream that can really help to control the symptoms and make the remission last longer. This passionate scientist feels that she is still young and has a lot of time and energy to make a positive change in many peoples lives and that is exactly what she is going to do. Elisabeth would encourage us all to take our ideas to help others in need and make them a reality.

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