Zeeshan Jawaid

Zeeshan Jawaid is a grade 10 student from Carpe Diem Collegiate High School in the small town of Yuma, Arizona. He is the head for the high school division of high school’s science club, he’s currently an apprentice in the field of paleontology at his local college, his advancements in his field brought him first place in the earth and planetary sciences category at the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) coupled with an International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) sponsorship and $2,000 scholarship to the University of Arizona. At ISEF, he took home the fourth place award for Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Zeeshan believes that, “Science is the route to the world around you. Whether it be through a career or a simple love for it. It causes you to wonder about the world around you and remain in awe and appreciation of it. Above all, it takes you places you would have never thought you would go.”

Zeeshan worked on proving the effects of ecogeographical rule in extinct animals to simplify nomenclature for the species in which this was overlooked. He conducted his study on equid or horse second phalanges from Southern California and Sonora, Mexico. He wants to make science more simple for people to understand. He wants the world around us to be understood.

In his spare time, you can find Zeeshan cracking open a book, writing something random, listening to music, or doing endless math. At school, he is involved in many extracurricular activities (no sports though). He is set to be vice president for National Honor Society next year at his chapter. He was Historian last year for student council. He also partakes in JSA, being the Vice President at the chapter he founded and retaining a position as an agent in a department that he will most likely take over next year at the state level. In his middle and elementary school years, he also had gone to the state spelling a total of two times. He has been participating in science fairs since 4th grade, his love for science only growing since then. He is currently working on simply furthering his career in science and trying to inspire new innovations.

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