Neha Gulati

Neha Gulati is a 14 year old student at Grimsby Secondary School in Grimsby, Ontario. She has a passion for Science and is heavily involved in a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) activities. Some of Neha’s favourite STEM experiences were the the Go Eng Girl conference at McMaster University, CEMC Workshop in Computer Science for Young Women at University of Waterloo and the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Her science fair projects have tested a variety of different styles and methods (traditional and modern) for teaching mathematics. After carefully analyzing the pros and cons of each method she developped criteria for the necessary elements in quality math learning. Neha’s research has helped many educators refine there teaching methods and help their students improve. These projects earned her bronze and silver medals at the national fair and were inspired by her love for mathematics. She has also been successful in the mathematics area, Neha once placed fifth in Canada in the Brock University mathematics competition and this past year she was her school champion for the Pascal mathematics competition from Waterloo University.

Another form of Neha’s STEM participation is promoting youth participation in Science. She has done so by taking part in a live web conference with David Suzuki and being featured on an episode of Discovery Channel’s popular TV show, Daily Planet. Some activities Neha has planned for the future are the Learning Enrichment Advancement Program (LEAP) at McMaster and an Arctic Expedition with Students On Ice. She received a full scholarship for the LEAP program and a $5,500 scholarship for Students On Ice, both of which will take place this summer.

Neha also strives for excellence in various other fields. She enjoys making positive change, helping others and being a leader. This year she was on her schools’ student council, me to we club and 24 hour famine committee, along with her town’s Mayor’s Youth Action Committee. Neha also enjoys playing soccer and playing the flute in her school’s junior band.

All the activities Neha has done and all the things she has experienced have help her do the one thing she loves most, learn. Neha loves learning about various subject matters including science, technology, art, religion and many more. She really cherishes all the opportunities she has to learn. Neha hopes that one day she can give these opportunities to students who do not currently have them.

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