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St. Brother Andre Students Achieve Exceptional Results at the Chem 13 News Competition

Chem 13 Competition

(L to R – Kendra Naismith, Jamie Lam, Brian Li, Jason Manson-Hing, James Zhou, Stephanie Chan, Gordon Duzhou, Joseph De Paola)


St. Brother Andre Students Achieve Exceptional Results at the Chem 13 News Competition


The University of Waterloo’s, 44th Annual Chem 13 News Exam which covers detailed chemistry material that an advanced senior high school chemistry student should know in depth, plus a few questions that are not normally covered in high school chemistry, took place on Thursday, May 8th, 2014.

Students from across the globe were exposed to probing and demanding questions on many of the main topics of high school chemistry. Chemistry related mathematical skills were also needed to answer some of the questions. The questions on the exam were under the general headings: organic, equilibria, kinetics, oxidation-reduction, bonding, structure, reactions, gases, and a general knowledge of current affairs.

St. Brother Andre Catholic School students had exceptional results with three of their students finishing in the top 10% of all the students that competed worldwide. Stephanie Chan and Brian Li both finished in the 97th percentile, followed by Jason Manson-Hing in the 96th percentile. James Zhou was not far behind with an impressive 93rd percentile performance. The other students that had excellent scores included Jamie Lam, Anita R., Daniel Yambao, Michael Dewar, Gordon Duzhou, Kendra Naismith and Joseph De Paola.

This was the best showing in Brother Andre’s history and all the students that participated should be highly commended. These amazing results would not have been possible without the combination of these hard working conscientious chemistry students and the dedicated teachers in the science department at the school.

Aidan Aird

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