Stephanie Jiang

Stephanie Jiang is a Grade 10 student at York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto, ON, who has numerous passions; but her first and true love will always be science. She was inspired by her Grade 7 science teacher to participate in the Toronto Science Fair, and ever since that moment, science has been a major part of her life. She was a gold medalist at the Toronto Science Fair in 2011, 2012, and 2014. In 2011 and 2012, she was a Canada-Wide Science Fair finalist, and in 2014, she was the recipient of the Partners in Research Biotechnology and Medicine award for best project at her regional science fair. She has bounced back and forth between scientific fields; her first two projects revolved around every day health issues, her most recent focused on removing petroleum hydrocarbons from soil with petroleum coke. She is hoping to continue the amazing science fair experience all throughout her entire school career! Aside from the sciences, Stephanie enjoys the languages and various sports. Just recently, she was the winner of the Provincial Concours d’art oratoire in her Core French category. In addition to this, she is starting a youth organization, Writers for Hope, which focuses on giving youth a voice through the art of writing. She is a determined runner for Cross Country and Track and Field, and is also an avid soccer player for the North Toronto Soccer Club.Soccer  Most of all, Stephanie is always trying to find new ways to give back to the community. At school, she is one of the three Club Heads in charge of over 100 various clubs. She was also the only Grade 10 to receive the YMCI Silver Award, meaning she put over 200 hours of volunteer work into the school. Outside, she volunteers with Children’s Eco Programs and the Children’s Peace Theatre. Yet everything boils down to her passion for science. From emotional roller coasters, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences (namely CWSF-PEI) STEM has always been by her side. It is without a doubt that science has shaped her into the happy, enthusiastic person she is today.

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