Emilie Leneveu

Emilie Leneveu is in her last year of high school attending an all French school in CFB Trenton named Marc-Garneau after the Canadian Astronaut and Politician. She absolutely loves sciences, mathematics and environmental studies and has been driven by this passion since elementary school. In grade 7, Emilie was introduced to the world of science fairs by her math, science and geography teacher. She instantly fell in love with the entire process and has gone to three Canada-Wide Science Fairs since then.

In 2010, Emilie made her CWSF debut in Peterborough with a project testing the theory of non-transitive properties applicable to dice and how they could impact other real word applications titled Dice It Up!. She had previously placed first in her grade at her regional fair and was honoured to receive the Kevin-Sue-Chue-Lam Award of Mathematics along with the UOIT Innovation Award.

In 2011, she re-entered her regional fair (the Quinte Regional Science and Technology Fair) with a continuation of her earlier work. This project, titled Heads or Tails, focused on the same non-transitive properties but applied to coins and a newfound real world application that could be used to improve randomization in computer programming. At this CWSF, in Toronto, Emilie was awarded a bronze medal in the junior category.

In Prince Edward Island, 2012, Emilie brought a completely different field of work to the Canada-Wide Science Fair with a project on the effects of multitasking on humans.Outside of the science world, Emilie is very busy on various sports teams and clubs. She is the President of her student body government and the captain of her school volleyball team. She also plays volleyball on a rep OVA team where she has participated in four provincial competitions and two nationals competitions. Emilie also prides in learning about the environment and ways to be more Eco-friendly.

In 2014,she attended the provincial Envirothon competition, a first for her school. “I am always trying to promote STEM in my school, we are a very small high school and I think it is important to be represented in various fields. I am also a big advocate of women in science and engineering and believe that I can prove that despite a busy schedule it is always possible to make room for science” she says. On that note, she is currently working on a science project over the course of the summer and hopes to enter it in her regional fair. She has also been asked to partner up with a few fellow young scientists and is considering doing so or mentoring other students.

Whether Emilie’s schedule permits her to participate in the science fair or not, she will continue to work on her project regardless.

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