KC Mooney

KC Mooney is going into grade 9 at Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Whitehorse, Yukon. KC was first interested in science when she entered her first science fair in grade 5, with her close friend, Isabel. KC has been part of the Yukon-Stikine regional fair for four years now and has gone to the CWSF twice. Her first year there, in 2013, she won a bronze medal for her project on how to prevent heat loss though windows, “Don’t Let It Out!” After having a great time there, learning new things, and meeting new people, she was set on going again. The second time KC went, she didn’t medal, but had another great experience! What made the whole thing even better, was her close friend that had been doing the science fair with her also went, but had with a different project each time.

Apart from science, KC is interested in other things such as sports, and travel. She participates in volleyball, soccer, basketball, and softball. KC has recently gone to France for D-day and will be going to Japan for a sister city exchange.

CWSF 2014

CWSF 2014 – Windsor, Ontario – KC Mooney

Project Title: Does Smell Affect Memory?

Age Classification: Junior

Project Abstract: The purpose of my project is to help people who have a hard time remembering things. I devised an experiment focused on answering the question, “Do Smells Affect Memory?” This experiment involved testing seventy-six personal at the Yukon College with and without a scent to see if their memories would improve while using one scent they chose as the favourite out of three.


CWSF 2013

CWSF 2013 – Lethbridge, Alberta – KC Mooney

Project Title: Don’t Let It Out!

Age Classification: Junior

Project Abstract: Heat in the Yukon is expensive! I tested 19 homes in 9 subdivisions around Whitehorse to see if putting plastic shrink-wrap on windows really helps prevent heat loss. But, in the North, “keeping the heat in” also means keeping other things in, so I teamed up with my friend, Isabel Magsucang, to also take a look at radon levels in draffy and airtight homes.

Awards: Junior Excellence Award

Scholarships: $1000 Entrance Scholarship to Western University



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