Skye Preston

Skye Preston is a 16 year old student attending Havergal College. She grew up in a family that has always strongly supported STEM. From a very young age, she was learning with her father various math proofs, programming  robots, experimenting coke bottle rocket aerodynamics, and studying the behavioural aspects of different ant colonies .

From this experience, she has discovered a deep interest in science. She attended her first regional science fair in grade 7. Her project focused on using calcium alginate beads to immobilize fungal enzymes used in the bioremediation of soil and water pollutants by minimizing the loss of enzymes due to rainwater runoff. This project won gold at YRSTF and a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair. The following year, Skye continued her research of bioremediation, studying how the flow rate between wetland/aquifer systems could increase the rate of natural bioremediation of contaminated aquifer water. This project also earned a silver medal at CWSF.

More recently, Skye’s passion for sustainability has led her to accept the role of Regional Director of the GTA of a student-run, non-profit organization called Sustainable Youth Canada (SYC). The goal of SYC is  to spread awareness about the need for sustainability, and means to live a sustainable lifestyle. SYC strives to give youth across Canada opportunities to engage in activities related to energy and environmental sustainability.

While post-secondary education and career choices are still a few years yet in the future, Skye knows that she will pursue a STEM orientated track!

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