Ray Liu

Ray Liu is a grade 10 student who attends R.C. Palmer Secondary School in Richmond, BC. He has been interested in engineering and science since the age of 6. Ever since taking apart a computer at the age of 6, he has been interested in electronics and computers ever since. His interest in engineering and science has earned him a silver medal and two special awards in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair last year, and a trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair this year where he received a bronze medal. His interests revolves the electrical and computer engineering fields. His first project was using a transistor based tesla coil to transmit electricity, while his second project was creating the Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermoelectric module.

The Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermoelectric module is developed as a more efficient alternative to traditional solar panels. The design revolves around concentrating sunlight onto a multijunction solar cell which is thermally connected to a thermoelectric generator. The waste heat generated from the solar cell would pass onto the thermoelectric generator. A liquid cooling system is used to cool the thermoelectric generator to allow it to generate electricity. In order to balance the voltage output between the thermoelectric generator and the solar cell, a high efficiency DC-DC converter is used.

His love for engineering and science extends outside of science fair and into his everyday life. Ray applies the scientific method and various scientific principles to daily life, and actively encourages others to do it too. His hobbies include building electric vehicles, video and photo editing, enthusiast computing, electronic music, and high powered sound systems. He is currently working on a 2500 watt electric motorcycle, and a solid state musical tesla coil. He is looking forward to a future in electrical engineering, and will live his life by the principles and methods of engineering and science.

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