Che-Min Lee

Che-Min Lee is going into grade 12 and attends Old Scona Academic High School in Edmonton, AB. She has been interested in biology ever since she was little but has not pursued research until recently. Her project for the 2014 CWSF she did with her friend Edwina Liu won Gold Medals and the Senior Health Challenge Award. One of the main things about biology that interests her is that it there so much to learn and so many specific things one can do in research. It is a field that never stops growing which is something she values greatly. Also, for her, being able to be a part of this field and do research that may have a positive impact on the lives of other people is an incredible thing that she still finds hard to believe.

Alongside science, she also very interested in music. She has passed the grade 10 RCM level in piano, takes oboe lessons, and plays guitar, flute, bassoon, and sings for fun. Music and neuroscience are two coinciding fields that she enjoys reading about and hopes to one day do research in. Origami is another passion of hers that she started at a young age. She find the math behind really fascinating and enjoys seeing her interests align in unexpected ways. Whatever she may do in her future, she knows that without a doubt that STEM will, and has been, be a big part of her life.

Here is the link to Canada-Wide Science Fair 2014 that gives an overview of Che-Min & Edwina’s project:®ionid=

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