Tiara Ciesielski

Tiara is a Grade 12 student at Widdifield Secondary School in North Bay, Ontario. She is attending Carleton University in the fall for Honors Bachelor of Science: Biology with a concentration in Health Sciences. Tiara is a Special High Skills Major student in Health and Wellness at her school. She succeeds in hands-on medical training such as suturing, CPR, and phlebotomy. She loves learning in the hospital setting where she has experience in all areas: from the emergency room to diagnostic imaging. Her hope is to become a trauma doctor in the future.

The biology-lover was lucky enough to attend Canada Wide Science Fair in 2014, with her partner Sadriar Sawumma, after gathering four awards and a gold medal at regionals. She managed to snag a bronze excellence award at CWSF, however, winning wasn’t her goal. Her goal was to meet new people and have a good time away from her hometown, which she succeeded.

The young 18 year old attends school in North Bay however lives in the small town of Mattawa, Ontario. She enjoys camping in the summer and admiring nature’s beauty. She has a love for all creatures, especially dogs. She is also a vocal major at her high school and has a few YouTube videos posted. She enjoys playing her guitar by the campfire and singing with her friends. Another favorite pastime of Tiara’s is travelling. She has been out west and up north in Canada, however wants to make her way out east in the near future to meet up with some of her new friends. Australia and Europe are also on her list.

Tiara’s kind and helpful nature makes her to help people physically and emotionally. She is going to be a great physician one day.

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