Antony Diaz

Antony Diaz

Antony Diaz is a young Colombian that has lived in Canada for the past two years. Math and science have been a passion of Antony Diaz ever since he was little. He did experiments and participated and excelled in the Colombian Mathematics Olympiads prior to moving to Canada.

Despite his young age, he has already begun to make his name in multiple science competitions. Recently, Antony, with his partner James Manalad, presented at the Super Expo-Science Hydro-Quebec, a cell charger that works with body heat: “Recharger au toucher”. It was certainly an ambitious project, but both were committed and knew that their passion for science would help them complete their project. In the beginning, they did not have the support or resources, so they relied heavily on their knowledge in physics, Internet and financial support from their parents to make the first prototype. With that prototype they won first place in their school science fair and they qualified for the regional final. Then, Nikolai Starinski, a Professor at the University of Montreal, gave them technological support to improve the prototype.

“The important thing about this project is the solution,” said Antony. “The use of the thermal energy can provide the 1.2 billion people that lack access to electricity, the chance of having it. It would be an ecological, economic and affordable solution to all the world.”

After they qualified for the Super Expo-Science, which is the Quebec final, the project won several awards, including the Energy Award delivered by Hydro-Québec, the award for Best Engineering Project (Prix IEEE Canadian Foundation) and an opportunity to present this invention in a television broadcast (Génial! of TéléQuébec). They also were also honoured by the Montreal school board.

With his dedication and talent, in 2013, he participated in Galois contest of the University of Waterloo. In this competition Antony won a Gold Medal and one of the best scores in Quebec. This year, Antony has also participated in various science competitions such as the Math Kangaroo Contest, in which he won a Gold Medal. He also was a finalist for the “Championnat International des Jeux Mathématiques & Logiques” in Quebec. In addition he also won third place in the Montmorency Scientifique competition, hosted by the College Montmorency and he participated in the March academy math camp at the University of Toronto.

This incredible young man has participated in drafting the scientific journal Éclair-Sci and this summer, Antony will present a section on Ozonico radio called “Minuto de ciencias”. Likewise Antony has participated in various cultural events to which he proudly carries the Colombian culture. One of the highlights of his involvement is in “Comparsa Colombia Carnaval”, a group organized to publicize Colombian culture through dance.

On July 6th, the AFLA partnership gave the “Prix fierté Latino-Américaine” and Antony the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec in recognition of its process of integration into Quebec’s society.

Presently, Antony works with other youth, in a research group in the department of physics at the University of Montreal, led by Professor Starinski. One of the projects they are working on is the experiment PICO (former PICASSO) for the search for Dark Matter.

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