Evan Andrew Langille

Evan is currently a Grade 12 student in rural Nova Scotia. He is planning to attend Bishop’s University in the fall to study Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Although Evan’s science career began late, his interests in science have been strong since the age of 8. This year, winning Bronze at the Canada-Wide science fair, he developed a possible drug for the treatment of obesity, by blocking Fructose transport in the small intestine. This research has also awarded him a Gold medal at his regional fair, the Bell Canada Discovery award, the public service commission of Canada award and second place at the Sanofi Aventis BioGENEius challenge Atlantic competition. Because he lives in a rural community, all of his work has been completed in his fully equipped home laboratory, established when he was 13. Evan is a Shad Valley Lakehead alumnus. He is currently continuing his research and staying involved with science in the community by promoting early experiences in Science and conducting Science shows for elementary students. Evan’s dream is to create a DIY community science laboratory in Atlantic Canada where scientists of all ages can have access to laboratory equipment and supplies, which promotes collaboration and experimentation accessibly spreading the love of science! Evan can be contacted at: [email protected]

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