Dixun Cui


Dixun Cui is a grade 8 student and member of the student council at Unionville Montessori School.

Ever since he was young, he has had a passion for math and science. Dixun has participated in many math contests and science fair competitions throughout his school career.

Every year since grade three Dixun has done very well in math contests. The main math contests he has participated in are the Thales (Grade 3), Byron-Germain (Grade 4), Fibonacci (Grade 5), Pythagoras (Grade 6), Euler (Grade 7), Lagrange (Grade 8), the Canadian National Math League Contest (since Grade 4), and the Gauss Math Contest (Grade 7 and 8).

In grade 7(2012-2013), Dixun received full marks on the Euler contest, placing him first in all of Canada. In addition, he also wrote the grade 8 Lagrange contest in the same year, and received 98%, which ranked him 11th in all of Canada. In the grade 7 Gauss contest, Dixun received full marks. In the grade 7 Canadian Math League Contest, he received 94%, placing him 2nd in Canada and 1st in Ontario. Because of his outstanding achievements, he was invited to the Stanford-Math League Contest at Stanford University in San Francisco. Fifty of the top students from Canada, USA, and China participated in the contest. Dixun placed 18th out of 30 in his grade category. He wrote the Canadian Math League Contest again this year (grade 8, 2013-2014), and ranked 3rd in Canada. He has been invited to Stanford again this year.

Aside from math, Dixun also loves physics and robotics. He participated in the York Region Sci-Tech fair in both 2013, and 2014. He was also part of his school’s robotics team in grade 7 (2012) and grade 8 (2013). In grade 7, he helped the team place 2nd in York Region Robotics Competition, and advanced to provincials. In grade 8, he led the team to a 4th place finish in the Robot competition.

Dixun has also excelled in oral communication competitions within the school earning in the top 4 every year. This year (grade 8), Dixun placed 2nd in his grade.

Dixun’s passions do not only stop at school. He has been swimming competitively since grade four, and now ranked in the top 20 in Canada for his age.

He is grade 10 in piano, and is a black belt in Taekwondo.  His other hobbies include: playing soccer, solving puzzles like Rubik’s cubes, and playing games. He also attends Rubik’s cube competitions once in a while.

When Dixun is older, he wants to go to Harvard University. He hopes that he can work on Wall Street or in the Silicon Valley in the future. Dixun admires Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Dixun wants to change the world when he grows up, and believes that what he can potentially do in the future is based upon what he does now.

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