William Zou

William Zou is a grade 11 student from Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School of Markham, Ontario. He participated in the Windsor Essex Regional Science Fair in 2011 and won a gold medal in the biology sector. In 2014, he participated in the York Region Science and Tech Fair and went on to compete in the Canada Wide Science Fair, where he won a bronze medal. In this project, William derived a new method of approximating logarithms. He looks forward to future science fairs and interacting with more STEM students. William thinks that we can never overestimate our abilities, and that success is always on the other side of dedication. He is also recognized as an AP Scholar, and had the honour of being invited to write the Asian Pacific Mathematic Olympiad in 2014. William enjoys teaching and founded a math club at his high school. He is also an executive at his school’s Octagon Club and participates regularly in community events. Some of his hobbies includes playing chess, reading and listening to music.


You can read details on William’s Bronze Winning Science Fair Project New Algorithms for Approximating Logarithms With k-th Order 



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