Blake Correia

Blake Correia is a grade 8 student at Oakville Christian School in Oakville, ON. Ever since he was young, he was always interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). Wether it was taking apart different toys to see how they worked or using a magnifying glass to start a fire, he always had a passion for STEM! Beginning in grade 3, Blake started to participate in different math contests. Every year, he placed within the top 10% across the nation. This year, he got the highest mark in his enrichment class. Math has always been a strong-point for Blake. Blake’s passion for science was ignited in grade 7 when his science class did science fair projects. His first science fair experiment in 2013 dealt with testing 7 different types of water for six different factors. His project won gold at BASEF (Bay Area Science & Engineering Fair) and got him to the Canada-Wide Science Fair which was held in Lethbridge, Alberta. At CWSF, he won bronze and a scholarship to Western University! Blake tends to excel in all his subjects. He was chosen to participate in LanguagePerfect, an online language competition and was chosen to represent Team Ontario and Canada. He finished in the top 1000 in the world out of over 800,000 students and 2nd in Canada overall. He received a gold award for all his work. Blake is also involved in many different activities outside of school. He has his black belt in Taekwondo and teaches 2 days a week and is testing for his second dan in 2 years. Blake is also training to be a lifeguard and has his bronze cross as well as first aid. He is working towards his grade 8 RCM piano, and also participates in his school’s concert band which competes at different competitions! When Blake is older, he wants to be an RCMP officer; one that specializes in forensics. Blake has a passion for the justice system, and a forensic officer brings science in at the same time!

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