Monica Xu

Monica is a grade 10 Pre-IB student at Bayview Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. As an active member of the STEM community, Monica partakes in a variety of science-related extra-curricular activities, many of which include science fairs, science contests, and Science Club meetings.

She is also a bronze medallist (along with her partner Nicole Zhao) at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2013 in Lethbridge, Alberta. The project focused on developing innovative approaches towards optimizing water purification techniques in developing countries. The foundation of the project was based on the idea of a coconut shell, and using its small pores along with other natural disinfectants such as vinegar and lemon juice to kill 99% of pathogens. After counting thousands of bacterial colonies, results were highly successful.

Monica is also the Public Relations Lead of the Bayview Science Club, where she communicates and contributes to meetings that focus on a different scientific principle each time. One recent experiment the club conducted was a School-wide Turtle Dissection; individuals from all grades came together and explored the anatomy and aortas of the sea creature.

Furthermore, Monica is actively involved in mathematical competitions, participating in the COMC, Cayley, Fryer, and AMC competitions. In addition to STEM involvement, Monica is also actively involved in her community. She is part of the Markham Mayor’s Youth Task Force, a nonprofit youth organization under the city of Markham, dedicated to promoting youth engagement. Their biggest event, Markham Expo, is this Saturday, May 3rd. The Bayview Debate Club is also an integral part of her character; ranging from planning tournaments to participating in competitions.

Ultimately, Monica is committed towards fulfilling her passions and enjoying her day with doing what she loves.

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