Welcome to Developing Innovations


Aidan Aird, 15, Founder of Developing Innovations

Welcome to Developing Innovations!

Developing Innovations is a youth run not-for-profit organization that was developed to advocate and inspire youth to get involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

My STEM journey started in 2012 when I was in grade 7. I was fortunate to have found my calling at the York Region Science Fair. I had built an 8-foot long subsonic open-circuit wind tunnel not even knowing that there were regional or even national science fairs. I was awarded Gold and it was the most amazing day, that truly started my STEM journey! That Gold Medal brought me to my first Canada-Wide Science Fair in Prince Edward Island and helped me realize I was an inventor!

In 2013, I developed the Advanced Aerodynamic Aircraft Wing System for the Boeing 737. I tested the wing system in the computational fluid dynamic software built into SolidWorks and in the wind tunnel I had built in 2012. The innovative wing allowed planes to reach a higher angle of attack without reaching stall, it reduced parasitic drag, reduced induced drag, increased lift, and kept the wing ice-free. I won my second Gold Medal at the York Region Science Fair and once again moved on to the Canada-Wide Science Fair where the project won a Silver Medal And a Patent Award.

The following year, in 2014, I developed the Turbo-Eco Cookstove Plus, a cookstove that is a highly efficient modular stove that runs on biomass. The stove was designed for developing countries and has the capabilities to purify water, charge small electrical devices like an LED light or phone, and it cooks efficiently while reducing deadly emissions that kill 4.3 million people a year. I received a Gold Medal and Engineering Innovation Award at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Windsor, Ontario for my work on the Turbo-Eco Cookstove.

In 2015, I won my 4th Gold Medal at the York Region Science Fair along with the another Peer Award and once again advanced to the Canada-Wide Science Fair with my Water Wheel Project, that would help people in developing countries easily transport water while it was being purified, plus produce electricity through its innovative handle that could be used to charge small electrical devices, such as a phone.

While taking this journey, I realized there were lots of amazing kids out there working hard, creating and discovering amazing things. With them in mind, I created Developing Innovations. Developing Innovations has featured and celebrated over 65 young scientists from around the world on the website. There are so many hardworking young scientists out there that are trying to make a difference. By being featured on my website, they get the exposure they deserve and are encouraged to keep working hard. It is a place to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire other kids to follow in their footsteps.

In addition, each week Developing Innovations Teen Scientists go out into the community advocating STEM to young students. We have been at countless community centres, libraries, museums and many elementary schools through our STEM Education Outreach Program. The entire mission of this program is to inspire young children to fall in love with STEM! Currently, we are showcasing an amazing prehistoric fossils and exotic insects exhibit that kids can get up close and touch. There is nothing that makes me prouder then seeing a child with a huge smile on their face and that feeling that I may have inspired the next STEM brilliant child that could make a discover that would change the world in a positive way!

As Developing Innovations grew, so did the programs we got involved in. We take great pride in all of the community work we do through the “We Care Program”. From food drives to awareness campaigns, Developing Innovations Teen Scientists are making a difference

By supporting each other we can make this world a better place.

“I first met Aidan at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in 2014, from which I developed the impression that he was outstandingly dedicated youth leader. Through Developing Innovations, Aidan continually advocates for the potential of youth to extract meaningful ideas from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Having established a community outreach program as well, Aidan has been able to inspire children from a very young age to become inquisitive thinkers.”

Edward Li (Featured Developing Innovations STEM Innovator https://developinginnovations.org/?page_id=416

Currently a grade 12 student in the IB Program at Bayview Secondary School)

“Developing innovations.org is not only a great website showcasing young innovators from all around the world, it is also an incredible resource for others to read about and get inspired by today’s young and upcoming scientists.

For myself personally, being showcased on developing innovations has provided numerous opportunities. Through developing innovations.org numerous specialists within my field have gotten in contact with me, providing me new and exciting opportunities which are still benefiting me to this day.”


Robert MacDonald (Featured Developing Innovations STEM Innovator https://developinginnovations.org/?page_id=756

Currently undergrad student at The University of Oklahoma)