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” I would like to thank all our dedicated student volunteers for helping inspire the next generation of young brilliant minds along with helping bring awareness and much needed funds to many of the worthwhile charities and causes that Developing Innovations & STEM Kids Rock supports. We could not of had the opportunity to inspire over 50,000 young children to pursue the fields of STEM and raise thousands and thousands of dollars and awareness for the charities and the causes we support without your enthusiastic help.”

Aidan Aird

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

Crohn’s & Colitis Fundraiser Event

(St. Justin Martyr Elementary School)

Team Members: Aidan-Ilias-Julien-JohnCarlo-Jackie-Keeley

” This was our youngest team ever, with four students that are in grade 8 and they did a spectacular job inspiring students. As a number of  our long time veteran volunteers move on to post-secondary studies it is great to see a new group of  enthusiastic students stepping into the roll of inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders. I am thrilled to announce that this very succesful event raised over $2000 for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada.”

Aidan Aird

Team Member Profile


Tyler Beer


Tyler is a 10 year old resident of Markham, Ontario currently attending Unionville Montessori Private School.  He is in the Grade 5 GATE (gifted and talented education) program learning advanced Grade 6 curriculum with Honour Roll and Director’s List achievements every year.

Tyler has been a prodigious reader from an early age which has enabled him to research and learn about topics of interest. This includes his passion for animals both prehistoric and living.

His travels with family always include searching out new animals whether it is snorkeling and scuba diving, searching for fossils, visiting wildlife rescue centres or finding crayfish, insects and fish in his backyard creek.

Tyler enjoys sharing his interests and knowledge with others and has begun a fossil collection as a hobby. Tyler also enjoys drawing and computer games.  He likes to skate, swim and ski as well as play with his pets at home which include dogs, cats, an Australian tree frog and a fish.

Nov. 2015

” Tyler is the youngest member of our team and currently one of the few team members that are not in high school, but don’t let his age fool you when it comes to being very knowledgeable about science, especially when it involves dinosaurs . Tyler knows more about our fossil collection than probably anyone else on our team, and his passion to pass on his knowledge to others is second to none. Tyler is a valued member of our team and has a very bright future ahead of him.”

Aidan Aird

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

360 Kids Fundraiser Event

(Unionville Montessori Private School)

Michael Braithwaite (Executive Director of 360 KIds) Team Members: Aidan-Keeley-Stone-Sebastian-Julien-Matthew & Jackie (Not in Photo)

“This team of outstanding committed student volunteers had a long successful day starting with a 6 a.m. setup and ending with a 6 p.m. tear down. We did 6 presentations to over 500 elementary students and raised $1256 for 360 KIds which support homeless youth and kids-at-risk in York Region.”

Aidan AIrd

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

 Stronach Cancer Centre Staff Holiday Party

(Stronach Cancer Centre)

Team Members: Keeley-Matthew-Sebastian-Aidan

 “All the outreach events are special to me and my team because we get a chance to engage and inspire kids to fall in love with STEM, but some are just a little more special and this is one of them because we get a chance to give back to the amazing Stronach Cancer Centre staff and their kids.”

Aidan Aird

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

Ward 4 Markham Councillor Karen Rea Community Event

(Markham Veteran’s Hall)

Team Members: Jackie-Aidan-Tyler-Hamrish-Keeley-Stefanie

This was the second year in a row that this same amazing dedicated team came out to support Markham Ward #4 Councillor Karen Rea Annual Community BBQ welcoming local residences and giving them an insight into the work we are doing in the community to help Inspire the Next Generation of STEM Leaders and helping local charities and worthwhile causes raise awareness and funds.”

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

SteamPunk Festival

360 Kids Fundraiser Event

(Zion Museum School House)


Team Members: Sebastian-Becky-Aidan

This small but mighty team did an amazing fun science show for a large group of SteamPunk Festival attendees and interacted with them as they viewed our Prehistoric Fossil and Exotic Insect Display.”

Aidan Aird

STEM Kids Rock Outreach

MP Majid Jowhari Community Event

360 Kids Fundraiser Event

(Mill Pond Park)


Team Members: Keeley-Aidan-Kevin-Sebastian

“This is the first year we have been at this great event and it was extremely busy. There was so much interest in our collection and our dedicated hard working team did really have a break the whole day. This team rocked today. We look forward to being back next year, thanks Majid Jowhari for appreciating our work and asking us back for next years event.”

Aidan Aird

“What’s Up In Space” Team

David Dunlap Observatory

” This is the second year in a row that we have been at this marvelous event that had over 500 attendees. The team once again did an amazing job engaging and inspiring the kids. I was thrilled to be one of the guest speakers and judge for their STEM Contest again, but the highlight for me was seeing all the smiles on the kids faces when they stopped by our Prehistoric Fossil and Exotic Insect Display. Amazing team amazing day.”

Aidan Aird 


Science Rendezvous Team






Esther – Aidan – Stone

Scaryfest 2015-1

Esther – Aidan – Stone –


Team Member Profile




Paco – Tyler – Aidan


Team Member Profile


Kevin Keen

Esther – Aidan – Keeley – Tyler – Stone – Kevin



Developing Innovations Team -UMS 360 Kids

Conan – Dennis – Aidan – Keeley – Tyler – Steven



Developing Innovations Outreach -UMS 360 Kids 1

Sebastian – David -Aidan – Conan – Brian – Dennis


Team Member Profile



Ethan Thompson

Developing Innovation Team -PanAm Ward4

Ethan – Keeley – Becky – Sebastian – Tyler – Aidan –




Outreach Milliken Mills Library

Conan – Kevin – Aidan – Paco



Outreach Wismer PS 9


Outreach Milliken Mills CC 1 360 Kids

Aidan – Becky – Stone – Brian – Keeley – Mark



Outreach Angus Glenn 10



Stone – Beckey – Brian – Aidan – Keeley – Kevin – David



Share A Meal





Esther – Aidan – Jeff – Keeley – Paco



Developing Team UMSC


DI Ed Outreach UMSC Event Team

Aidan – Paco – Keeley – Conan – Kevin