Sarthak Sinha

Sarthak Sinha

The #STEM amazing Sarthak Sinha is a freshman student at the University of Toronto, part of Life Sciences (Neuroscience, Human Biology and Psychology) program.

Prior to university, Sarthak had worked for a professional laboratory since the age of 14, researching in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine along with the Full IB program of studies. He represented Team Canada in ’12 and ’13 at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where his project won 3rd place both years in the categories of Medicine and Health Sciences. Sarthak has also been an author on 11 international conference papers (4 first authors) published in the field of stem cell biology, skin and wound healing and nerve regeneration. He has shared his views on the education system via TEDx platform and through commentaries in national newspapers. Sarthak is also an ambassador for the M.S Society of Canada, been recognized as “Top 20 Under 20” in Canada by Youth in Motion, “Under 25: One’s to watch” by Maclean’s Magazine, “Top 40 Under 40” by Avenue Magazine, “Famous 5” by Enbridge Foundation, and “Top 25 Canadian Immigrants” by Canadian Immigrant Magazine. Presently, he is collaborating with TED-Ed to make two “lessons worth sharing”. First is on “How does a wound heal?” and second is called “What’s a scar?” Sarthak hopes to pursue a career as an MD/PhD in medicine following his education at University of Toronto as an Arbor Scholar.

Sarthak is passionate about pursing ideas and opportunities that excite him. In the 4 years of doing research in high school, he has learned that science, when presented in an enthusiastic and conceptual manner holds the potential to excite him, tempt him towards asking questions and also sharing that knowledge with people who experience a similar thrill. Sarthak has come to realize that a big part of science is also educating and passing on the information we possess in a manner which can amaze people.

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